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Blaptica Dubia (Dubia Roach) Care Sheet

Blaptica dubia is also known as the Guyana orange spotted roach, or Dubia roach. Easy to care for, non-climbing, and sexually dimorphic, this is one of the most popular roach feeders used in both the reptile and arachnid hobbies. Smallest nymphs measure approximately 4mm by 6mm, and adults are about 4 …

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Archimandrita Tesselata (Peppered Roach) Care Sheet

Archimandrita tesselata bears a calm temperament which makes it a perfect pet, as well as a feeder food. Both nymphs and adults are non-climbers. Temperament & behaviour Although peppered roaches spend most of their time hidden, you are more likely to see them out and about than other burrowing roaches. …

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Beginner’s Guide To Tarantula Mating

tarantula mating

If you are sure that you have an adult male and female of the same species, you are in an excellent position to begin mating preparation. An adult female will usually moult every 14-18 months, and so mating should be done before the final six months of her cycle to …

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