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Blaberus Craniifer (Death’s Head Roach) Care Sheet

What I consider to be one of the jewels of my collection are death head roaches, which are aptly named for the skull markings on the pronotum of adults. The name Blaberus means “noxious” and craniifer means “skull”. These are striking roaches with jet black wings. Similar to the impression you get when looking …

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Blaberus Discoidalis (Discoid Roach) Care Sheet

One of my personal favourites is Blaberus discoidalis, also known simply as the Discoid roach. This species has long been mislabelled as death heads in many zoological reports, so you may sometimes hear people referring to them as false death heads. The scientific name is also occasionally misspelled “discoidales”, but the …

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Nauphoeta Cinerea (Lobster Roach) Care Sheet

Otherwise known as the infamous lobster roach, Nauphoeta cinerea is a climbing species. Adults have wings but are unable to fly in an upward motion. They flutter their wings to land safely in the case of a fall or leap. Smallest nymphs measure approximately 4mm by 2mm, and adults are 2.5cm to …

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