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Cyriopagopus Lividus (Cobalt Blue) Care Sheet

The Cyriopagopus lividus was one of the first blue tarantulas to hit the hobby scene due to its impressive colouration and feisty attitude. Even with more blue tarantulas catching hobbyists eyes, it remains a popular favourite amongst experienced keepers. They were initially described by Andrew Smith as the Haplopelma Lividus …

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Poecilotheria Metallica (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental) Care Sheet

Poecilotheria metallica is still one of the most sought after species in the tarantula community, due to their stunning colouration, size, and patterns. Reginald Innes Pocock initially discovered them in 1899 in Gooty, but then was never seen in that area after. It was only after their re-appearance in Andhra …

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Tarantula Substrate – What Is Best And What Should You Avoid?

If you’ve been in the hobby a long time, you’ve probably seen many different substrate options come and go in popularity over the years. What was deemed the best tarantula substrate a couple of decades ago is completely different to the majority of today’s opinions. It wasn’t uncommon to see …

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